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Accidents and Legal Options

Car accidents can be as traumatizing as they are dangerous. And their effects can linger. An accident can lead to an injury that bothers you for years, and can affect your finances down the road by leading to steep medical bills and preventing you from working. There are things that you can do to reduce […]

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Landlord Negligence and Wrongful Death: A Legal Guide

As a landlord, your responsibility is to create a habitable, safe living space for your tenants. It’s part of a tenant’s basic rights that you remove all known hazards and avoid negligent mistakes that could cause serious injury. While no landlord is perfect, one mistake could be fatal. At this point, you could face a […]

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Sample questions: MPRE Practice Questions

Are you ready for MPRE? Try to answer these easy MPRE Practice Questions to ascertain where to concentrate your effort to study. Answers are in the end and these questions will help you understand how and in what context questions in your real test are going to come. MPRE Practice Questions #1 In court proceedings, […]

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Control Your Estate, Your Assets with a Will

Every conversation about wills should begin with two questions. “Should I have a will?” “Should I work with a solicitor who has experience with wills?” The answer to these two questions is short, simple, and the same – “Yes.” It’s common for anyone reading that first question to ask why having a will is important. […]

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Why A Person Or Business Require A Certified Translator?

  Sometimes you or your business needs a certified translator for certified translation services. Different reasons exist as to why a certified translation might be a requirement to getting some business accomplished but when a legal agency or a business that’s part of a regulated activity, like those located in the financial, legal, medical or […]

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Society Creating Challenges for Families

Several decades ago, when men used to leave their homes and families in order to search for pearls and fishing for several months, women used to run the families. They took on the responsibility of looking after finances of the house, raising the children and providing food to the family. In several ways, women were […]

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How to find a long lost friend online

The internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, especially for finding people. In ages past, if you wanted to locate someone such as a long lost relative or an old school friend the process was extremely lengthy and difficult – you had to visit libraries and council buildings and trawl through archives. […]

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What Are Your Legal Options If You Experience Sexual Assault

Anyone who has been sexually assaulted would know the feeling of being powerless in a situation. What would make things worse is that when they speak up about it or report it to the authorities, they’ll be told that there’s nothing that can be done about the harassment. To make things even worse is that […]

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Slip And Fall Trouble: Legal Considerations After Slip and Fall Injuries

No matter how many precautions you make, an accident may still occur. You might be carefully walking one minute, going through your day to day tasks, the next, you’re suffering an injury from a slip and fall.  When you get injured, you need to rest and recover, stop from working for a period, pay medical […]