Complete Guide To Types Of Personal Injuries Claims


Personal injury is termed as any injury that occurs to a person because of someone else. It can be both, physical and nonphysical. A person may cause personal injury to other person deliberately or due to carelessness.

Depending upon the injury types, you can claim compensation for your damages. You can recover both the type of damages:

  • Economic damages: motorcycle accidents, Loss of money, medical expenses etc.
  • Noneconomic damages: pain, stress, any kind of disability or temporary or permanent deformity etc

For claiming compensation, you would need an attorney. He will ensure you that you get full compensation for your loss. Say, Belluck & Fox, LLP is a renowned name in US, for providing legal services to seriously injured victims and their families across New York or nearby locations. Their experienced team helps the victim recover the compensation for their losses.

It’s important you know what types of personal injuries are there:

Grouped by cause

Before proceeding for filing a personal injury cases, you need to identify the cause of injury. Following injuries are grouped by cause:

  • Truck accidents.
  • Car and Motorcycle accidents.
  • Cyclist or Pedestrian accidents.

Injuries caused by such accidents can be very dangerous. It can cause damage to victim’s body or worst it can also cause death. It’s advisable you hire a lawyer in case of any such accidents. This is because:

  • You must be capable of proving that the other person is at fault.
  • Also, it’s difficult to get compensation if the amount is more than as stated in the policy.

An attorney will make sure you are compensated enough for your injuries.

Grouped by injury

This is important as it will let you know the type of injury and also will aid you claiming compensation. Most of the time injury lawsuits are decided depending upon the injury type and not on the cause.

Following injuries are grouped by injury:

  • Wrongful death.
  • Brain and spinal cord injury.
  • Burn or Amputation injury.
  • Paralysis or damage in skeletal system.

If you or your loved are suffering from any such injury, hire an attorney who is experienced and skilled.

Grouped by negligence             

There are cases where the injury has been caused to a person due to someone else’s carelessness.  Such cases are considered in the category of strict liability cases according to which, somehow, the defendant is at fault. He can be considered as guilty.

Following injuries are grouped by injury:

  • Dog bites.
  • Product liability.
  • Injuries caused by slipping or tripping or falling.
  • Injury causes by any premises liability.
  • Injury caused due to not obeying traffic rules.
  • Medical negligence includes:
    • Unable to treat or diagnosed properly.
    • Giving improper dosage of a drug or wrong treatment

Grouped by injury caused intentionally

These are the cases when a person deliberately harms another person. Following injuries are caused by intentions:

  • Injuries caused with harmful intentions
  • Any sort of assault or defamation

Whatever the cause is, most of the time personal injuries have devastating effect on both the victim and his family. You should get a lawyer to recover some of your losses.

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