Here’s Why You May Require A Public Pensions Lawyer!


Regardless of the role/job and whether you are employed with the state, federal or local government, if you have retirement mention, it might be possible to turn the same into retirement disability pension, only under special circumstances. A good public pensions lawyer can help you with that. Whether one is eligible for retirement disability pension or not depends on many factors, including the length of employment. It is necessary to inform the concerned retirement agency for the same, and in some cases, it must be done while filing for retirement application. Most people don’t have the knowledge of such aspects, which is why working with a public pensions lawyer is so important.

Understanding the basics

Let’s start by discussing the retirement systems, which varies and can have different rules for different people. In case of disability retirements, it is not always necessary that the injury/illness must be related to the job. If you are involved in an accident or mishap that has caused sudden mental/physical disability, which prevents you from returning to your original job, it is possible that you may get disability pension right away, instead of retirement pension that’s due at the right eligible age. When it comes to disability retirement, applications are often denied, and that’s because people often don’t pay enough attention to the basics.

Why are applications for disability retirement denied?

With regards to disability retirement, the reasons of application can be denial. The most common of all is the lack of enough documental evidence, which verifies that the person has a condition that prevents him from going back to work. The forms are also often not filled as expected. There’s also no denying the application process isn’t a simple one, especially for people who have never heard of disability retirement.

Please note that certain criteria should be met for disability retirement, which are dependent on many aspects of the job itself. It is important that the claim is filed within a certain period after the accident or from the time disability occurred. The application for disability retirement can be denied if the employee hasn’t been employed for a certain time as required.

The role of a lawyer

With a public pensions lawyer in Los Angeles, you can get active assistance for disability retirement pension at all levels. The right lawyer will check for everything before you file for the claim, and in case your claim has been denied, the lawyer will check and work on your appeal, so that your rightful disability retirement benefits are not denied. Even when you don’t understand the complications of disability retirement, your lawyer can come in handy and will explain the steps that’s involved in getting your due.

Before you select a lawyer for public pension related queries, do an initial check. Find what they can offer and whether they are experienced in the field. Only selected law firms work with things like disability retirement, so experience is an aspect that certainly needs more attention. Take the first appointment to understand their expertise better.

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