Importance of Making a Will


If you are young and healthy, then making a will is probably the last thing on your mind, right? A majority of people especially those living in the UK are reluctant to make wills because they just don’t want to think about their deaths. Many of them fail to realize that just like life insurance; a will is a way of taking care of their families in the event of their death. Some even think it’s a way of getting ready to die. However it’s an opportunity and suitable way of recognizing and acknowledging organizations.

Now, one of the primary reasons why you should make a will is to take care of your young children. You can name a guardian who will provide for them in case you die. A will is an important document that speaks on your behalf in your absence. With the assistance of, you can be sure you family will enjoy the following benefits:

1.       You Get To Allocate Your Assets as You Please

We have seen families quarrel over assets that were poorly divided by their deceased parents. Property and money can break a loving family and even lead to murders as they seek to get the biggest share of their parents’ wealth. However, with a will, you can specify the properties you wish to leave for your friends, family, charities and other organizations.

Many people opt to focus their attention on items with sentimental value instead of those of monetary worth. All in all, creating a well structured will ensure that objects are left only to the individuals you choose.

2.       It Reduces Family Stress

The death of any a family member or a friend is one of the most traumatic experiences for a family and friends left behind. A document which has most if not all your wishes well specified will make it easier for members of your family. It reduces any conflict that may arise from the division of your assets and provides financial support even in your eventual absence. Most importantly, it gives your family peace of mind as they recover from your loss.

3.       The Lower Inheritance Tax

Here in the UK, if you live in an estate that exceeds the inheritance tax bracket, it means your family will have to pay inheritance once you die. However, there’s a law which now allows couples to share their tax-free reliefs and allowances. A good example is the Residence Nil Rate Band which significantly reduces your family’s tax burden when you are no longer there to take care of them.


A will is merely a means of keeping your family safe once you pass away for one reason or another. They control who benefits from the assets and resources that you have gathered throughout your life. Therefore, if you don’t have one yet, make it your priority before it is too late.  People make the mistake of thinking they are too young or they do not have much to leave behind for their loved ones.

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