Society Creating Challenges for Families


Several decades ago, when men used to leave their homes and families in order to search for pearls and fishing for several months, women used to run the families. They took on the responsibility of looking after finances of the house, raising the children and providing food to the family. In several ways, women were deemed the leaders of community.

Despite the days being over, women have still been deemed imperative for national development. They have taken over the role of senior leadership with advanced degrees at their behest; women in the present times have been earning more money. In addition, they have been assuming more power in the public sphere than they ever had before.

Arising conflicts in the socioeconomic arena

It would be pertinent to mention here that dramatic changes in the society have caused huge changes in the socioeconomic arena. As a result, several families have been affected by the drastic changes in the society. A majority of changes have been deemed for the better, but not all of them have been deemed beneficial for the family or the society. It would not be wrong to suggest that divorce rates have been increasing day by day. Almost every society worldwide has been suffering from high divorce rates with passage of time.

How society make life challenging for families

In case, the family is undergoing divorce, you should be rest assured that society has a significant role to play in it. It would not be wrong to suggest that society has been posing challenges for divorced families since time. Some of the challenges have been discussed below.

  1. Social rejection

The most common challenge faced by divorced couples would be social rejection. Most people in the society would treat couples post divorce as someone from a different group. Moreover, most men and women have been facing troubles dealing with friends, as they would not have the same relationship as they had prior to them undergoing divorce. It would not be wrong to suggest that most men and women would feel their status being deteriorated after divorce. They feel ashamed to contact old friends.

  1. Blame

A number of people post divorce claimed they being blamed for divorce. Most of the times, it would be the family, siblings and people nearby who blamed them for their relation reaching the need for divorce.

  1. Lacking family support

A majority of men and women post divorce started to reside with their parents, coming out of their joint home, where they resided with their spouse before divorce. However, the parents did not share good relation with them, due to the social stigma of being divorced.

  1. Difficulty in getting separate house

Divorce has been deemed the major reason for people to find separate house relatively difficult.

  1. Harassment and exploitation

It would not be wrong to state that several women post their divorce have faced harassment and exploitation through the hands of society. They have suffered dirty advances, which may not even have been experienced, had they been unmarried.

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