Accidents in parking lots: What you should know


Did you realise parking lots are the scene of 20% of accidents? Given the reduced speeds, it is a blessing that most of these accidents are not severe. However, this isn’t always the case, especially in collisions involving pedestrians.

Parking lot collisions differ from other motor vehicle collisions in crucial ways. Notably, identifying the responsible party may be more challenging. You might also have to deal with a property owner since private individuals own most parking lots and garages.

An experiencedcar accident attorney can provide you with targeted legal advice.

Who Is to Blame for a Parking Lot Accident?

Who’s to blame for the collision in the parking lot? It is probably a question that many people have. Your auto insurance provider is as well. Washington State is a responsible state. In other words, the party found to be at blame is financially liable for the vehicle damage and injuries of the other party. That fault might also be allocated among the drivers participating in our State.

What then proves fault? It is negligence.

Negligence, in its simplest form, is the act of not acting as one’s responsibility requires. One example of negligence is when a driver exits a parking space without checking their blind area and collides with another car.

The mistake’s author isn’t always apparent, though.

A Parking Lot Crash’s Proof of Negligence

Once more, figuring out who is at fault is crucial because they (or their insurance provider) are responsible for covering the other driver’s damages.

There are various ways for you, or your automobile attorney, to establish fault in an accident. These might incorporate:

  • Surveillance footage
  • The video was taken with a dash cam
  • Witness statementPhotographsphs were taken there
  • Your car has been damaged
  • Statements made by physicians or other authorities
  • Report to the police (however, they might not attend a minor incident in a parking lot because it is considered private property)

What transpires if you’re somewhat at fault? 

If this is the case, the amount of your settlement will be decreased by the degree of your liability. An astute lawyer could try to reduce the amount of your fault.

How to Prevent Parking Lot Collisions

It is usually preferable to avoid collisions altogether. Here are some pointers for preventing collisions in parking lots:

  • Remain calm. The most important thing you can do to avoid a crash is to slow down, as should be obvious.
  • When reversing, be careful. Backup cameras are standard equipment in many new vehicles. 
  • Count on the unexpected.
  • Pick a location carefully.

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