Criminal record? Here’s how to clear it in Canada.

Criminal records can be damaging to your employment opportunities and various social aspects of your life, such as finding housing or getting a security clearance at work. In Canada, you can petition the courts to expunge your criminal record, which will make it more difficult for people to find out about your past convictions and […]


4 Precautions When Hiring A Lawyer Specializing In Medical Law

You must take some care when hiring a lawyer specializing in Medical Law. That’s because he will address issues that can often define the future of your career, including continuity in the profession. So, here are some precautions you need to take before hiring this specialist lawyer: 1 – Check The Professional Reference The Medical […]


What Is The Right Divorce Lawyer?

The right divorce lawyer is the family lawyer, as he will know the best type of divorce for you. Whether the process should be consensual, belligerent, or extrajudicial, he will carefully analyze your situation to see if, for example, you and your wife can reach an agreement on the amount of alimony. Or even about […]