Can You Sue for Suffering During Divorce Proceedings?


Believe it or not, yes, you can sue for suffering while going through a divorce. Most divorce proceedings are stressful and can cause a lot of emotional damage to the parties involved. A lot of pain and suffering can be caused from dealing with a divorce and sometimes the pain is extreme enough to start a lawsuit.

Keep in mind that it can tricky to prove any pain or suffering was caused from the divorce. 

It may not always be easy to prove you have suffered during the divorce, plus it is usually highly disputable. If you are thinking of bringing in another lawsuit into the mix, it is smart to consult with a Scottsdale domestic violence attorney. There are a few reasons to sue your ex if they are causing extra issues in your life. Physical pain along with emotional pain like suffering with anxiety or depression can be easier to prove. But false allegations during the divorce proceedings can hurt your character and reputation and if proven, can be grounds for a lawsuit.

For a successful lawsuit, you will need to prove to the courts that the divorce has negatively impacted your life. 

It is rare to receive compensation since it is difficult to decide an amount. But it is possible to collect if you can prove that the defendant has performed outrageous conduct, has caused visible or provable illness or if the actions were intended to cause any harm. 

It is important to remember that a lawsuit without proof could cause even more damage.  

You will want to have a strong case if you are serious about suing your ex for damages during a divorce proceeding. If you are unable to prove any harm or suffering was caused because of the divorce, then you may be responsible for paying any legal fees that might come up with the lawsuit.

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