Checklist You Need to Prepare Before Meeting a Personal Injury Lawyer


A car accident can change a lot of things in our normal life. One can go from being perfectly healthy, both physically and mentally, to temporary or permanent disability and mentally unstable. Due to this, you may be out of work for a while or lost your job. All these things are difficult to deal with especially when you are not in the right frame of your mind. Thus, it is better to hire a good personal injury lawyer.

Skilled lawyers provide you with all the details you need to collect evidence. One of the most popular and experienced Greenfield personal injury lawyers Martin Law Office. They ensure that your insurance company pays for your injuries and damage done to your vehicle. Not just this, but they’ll get you the maximum amount of compensation from the other party involved. You can check more about them by visiting their website.

Once you’ve hired a personal injury lawyer for yourself, you can book an appointment with them ASAP. However, before meeting them, you need to prepare a checklist of what you need to carry with you while meeting your lawyer. It helps you to explain to them the way the incident took place and the medical expense you have incurred. You need to even state the ways it affected your job and jeopardize your regular income.

Collect evidence:

  • The photos of the accident scene are crucial evidence. You can get them from police officials. You can take all the photos with you even if they aren’t clear.
  • The snapshots of all injuries or even a severe injury will do, which your family members or friends may have taken it. Even medical staff sometimes takes photos of the injured part for their records in such cases. You can take the photos along to show the severity of the injuries before it was treated.
  • Photos of the damaged vehicle will help to strengthen your case. Police officials and mechanics repairing the vehicle can provide you the required snapshots of the vehicle. 

Proof showing your treatment and medical expenses:

  • The registered number of the ambulance that was called at the accident spot.
  • Contact details and address of the hospital where you were treated for injuries.
  • Medical bills of treatment as well as medication.
  • The printed details of the date of admission and the discharged date from the hospital administration desk. You can gather all the discharge papers given from the hospital. The paper will state your medical condition, provide details about your medical expenses and even illustrate the treatment associated with your injuries.
  • Doctor’s written documents about the treatment provided, prescribed medicines, and details associated with the continued treatment until you fully recover from the accident injuries.
  • You need to accumulate all the receipts received related to treatment like even of the scanning or x-rays or blood tests.

Insurance claims:

  • Insurance policy documents related to your health and auto coverage.
  • You can even provide your medical identity card for them to know about your medical details.
  • The correspondence, text messages, or written papers provided by insurers after the accident.
  • Keep the documents related to your job or business:

  • Employees can ask their employer to provide documents stating the dates when they were absent from work because of hospitalization and resting at home until recovery.
  • Documents stating you’re sick and personal workplace-leave data.
  • Business people can take their accounts detail and tax return files. It helps them to understand the amount of financial loss you have incurred because of interrupting business.
  • Take printouts of office emails that approved the leave. Add email copies stating your income loss due to long absentee from work Official police reports:
  • You need to have copies of the police report with details of the accident.
  • Report from your insurer.
  • The copy of the accident report filed by the owner of the company or factory where the mishap occurred resulting in you enduring injuries.
  • Contact details of any eyewitness at the accident scene.

All this may seem a little challenging because some documents you will need to collect from the relevant sector. There is no need to be concerned as your lawyer will help in gathering relevant documents and proofs.

The initial meeting with the personal injury lawyer can make you feel nervous. The lawyer will put you at ease with their communication skills. They are great negotiators and always committed to their clients. Efforts are made to ensure that clients acquire a fair settlement.

You may get confused with the process of claiming compensation from the other party. You can ask questions that clear your mind about the doubts without any hesitation. Here is a question list that people commonly ask their lawyers.

Here are the queries usually asked by clients to their Personal injury lawyer:

  • How is the accident claim process conducted in a court?
    • Your lawyer will explain in detail the steps taken to file the case. They further let you understand the court procedure, which can boost your confidence to talk before the judge.
  • Want to know more about your experience as a personal injury lawyer?
    • Well-established lawyers have many years of experience and have been successful in acquiring fair compensation for their clients.
  • How long it will take for the case to fully be completed?
    • It mainly depends upon the evidence collected, accident severity, and your lawyer’s capability to defend the case.
  • Will it be beneficial to settle the case out of the court?
    • It depends upon the amount of compensation the other party offers. Sometimes it is more than what the court will decide while passing a judgment. A skilled lawyer will negotiate the compensation amount and try to help you gain more that may be helpful to fulfill your financial losses.
  • How much will be their fees and when to pay?
    • Most of the lawyers don’t take any upfront fees. They charge you a percentage of the compensation amount you acquire.

An expert attorney, who specializes in personal injury law, is the appropriate legal representative to defend your interest. He is a great support in the hour of need.

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