Contesting a Will Is Too Complex to Handle Without a Lawyer


A will is a very important document, regardless of the size of the estate, and in nearly all cases, the administration of a will runs smoothly. In some cases, however, loved ones decide to contest a will for one reason or another; in these cases, it is imperative to find a lawyer who is thoroughly familiar with the process so that you’ll know you’ve gotten the representation you need and deserve in the end. After all, not just anyone can contest someone’s will and even those who have this right have to fulfil certain requirements beforehand. This means that if you are even considering contesting someone’s will, it is crucial that you find an experienced attorney who can guide you through the process and give you the assistance you need. This is the only way to increase the odds that you’ll be successful in your endeavour so it should always be a top priority.

Not Just Anyone Can Contest

More often than not, the only people who can contest a will are spouses and ex-spouses of the deceased as well as children, stepchildren, or anyone who at one time was dependent on the deceased. Professional attorneys who specialise in wills can give you additional information so scheduling a consultation with one of these experts is the first thing that you should do when you want to contest a will. Grandchildren do not have an automatic right to contest a will but much as with other rules, it is best to consult with a lawyer before you dismiss this possibility altogether. Most contesting a will lawyers offer their first consultation for free and this is the perfect time to ask questions, address concerns, and toss different scenarios around so that you can finally determine if you have any legal right to someone else’s estate.

The Final Decision Depends on Various Factors

Overall, family members who contest a loved one’s will must prove that they were financially dependent on the deceased in one way or another. Of course, the final court decision largely depends upon how the will was drawn up initially because, by and large, the court’s first preference is to respect the deceased’s final wishes. This doesn’t mean that if you are not specifically mentioned in the will, you aren’t able to get anything from it. It just means that you need to visit a competent lawyer and learn what your odds are of being successful with your claim. These attorneys have the expertise and knowledge to evaluate your situation accurately so that the two of you can decide how to proceed and if your case does move forward, you will definitely need an experienced lawyer to get you through it.

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