Five Important Facts Need to be Considered While Writing a Will


Preparing a will on right time is a quite appreciable decision. Will is something you never think of but it is very crucial which let others know about the property or savings and other assets distribution to your chosen members after your death. In legal term it is known as estate planning. If it is not prepared then law will be deciding whom to passed on your estate hence do planning before it get too late and write your will under the guidance of best will writing services such as Direct Wills UK. Consulting with legal firm or will writing service provider will reduce the risk of fraud and make the entire process easy.

Five important factors which needs to be considered while making a will-

  1. You should be above age of 21 years- If you are above age of 21 years and above you are able to make will and it will be accepted by law. If you are minor you would not allowed writing a will and if you have written it is not valid by law. He should be sound mind and must be free from any kind of fraud or undue influence.
  2. Will should be clear and precise- A will should be hand written or typed and it should be very clear. In other word it should be precise yet clear and make sense to whom it should be distributed and what amount and ratio otherwise people can misuse it.
  3. Legally valid- It should be registered with the will registering authority to avoid misuse and fraud in future. Witness signature is mandatory on the will. Also executor name should be mentioned on will that should be a trust worthy person.
  4. Each page should be signed- A will should be signed in front of testator and two witnesses. This will avoid the fraud, replacement or change in any will after the death. Each page of will should be properly signed and if any correction has been made it should be resigned.
  5. Authorized person for the property- Most important factor is a person can only write will for the properties which he owns and has legal authorization. It means properties which are register on his name and he is owner of the estate. You cannot write the will about the estate which you do not own.

Will is required to write to avoid any kind of dispute among family members.  It is always advisable to before signing the will, it should be clearly informed the executor, members or friends about the entire distribution and whereabouts your wills to avoid any kind of confusion. Even beneficiaries should know what are your choices and wishes. It is better if you take advice from a best lawyer while planning and writing a will. It will reduce the misinterpretation between the relatives in future. Will is a documented form of your wishes which is legally valid if prepared well considering all the legal facts.






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