How an Attorney Can Help You Create a Parenting Plan


A parenting plan plays an important role when it comes to handling divorce and child custody issues. It is vital to sit down with your divorce attorney and go over the specifics of how your child will be cared for, how big decisions will be made and how child-related expenses will be divided. Getting it all down on paper can help make negotiations run more smoothly and demonstrate to a judge that you are committed to making sure your children’s well-being comes first.

What to Include in a Parenting Plan

Create a parenting schedule. Parents’ work schedules, kids ‘school schedules and your children’s ages are three major factors to consider when creating a plan that works well for everyone. It is important to make this part of your plan as detailed as possible, and your attorney will understand exactly what to include and the language to use so the details are clear all involved parties. In addition to deciding how you will share day-to-day custody, holidays, birthdays and vacations can be contentious issues, so it is best to let an experienced family law attorney handle negotiations if conflict arises.

Detail plans for making important decisions. Even if you think you know your co-parent’s values well, issues involving the discipline, education, religious practices and health care of your children can also be sources of conflict. Typically, both parents have an equal say in how these significant matters will be handled. Other issues like new relationships and use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and how they will be handled in regard to your children should also be addressed in your parenting plan.

Outline expenses. From the cost of extracurricular activities to medical insurance, some of the most challenging issues involve how child-related expenses will be divided for all types of things that are not included in a child support agreement. Instead of leaving these decisions to a judge, developing a specific plan with detailed financial expectations can cause less strife for you and your children. Depending on the circumstances, some expenses may be split down the middle, while others can be divided differently. Your attorney will help you address all of these important issues in your parenting plan.

Having a civil relationship with your child’s parent and putting your children’s interests first can help you develop a close relationship with them and make the whole family happier and healthier, even after divorce. Have experienced attorneys help you develop an equitable parenting plan that takes everyone’s needs into account.

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