How Can You Start a Hair Removal Negligence Claim?


Laser hair removal is a type of beauty treatment that aims at removing unwanted body hair. Today, most salons and clinics in the UK are offering laser hair removal. Unfortunately, there are no clear laws for these procedures. The industry is unregulated, hence the high number of salon operators and untrained clinicians offering these services. Clients, mostly women, have been warned of permanent blindness, scarring, physical or physiological damage due to beautician’s negligence. Have you experienced an injury or damage during a laser hair removal procedure? Don’t suffer in silence when you can get help from personal injury specialists.

Types of laser hair removal effects as a result of negligence

We all want a successful hair removal procedure. However, you may fail to hire the best laser hair removal expert. Due to the operator’s negligence, you are likely to suffer from damage such as burns, infections, corneal ulcers, scarring, hyper-pigmentation and laser burn marks. Before you decide to sue for negligence, you need first to determine the type of negligence claim. You need a medical report and a professional beauty solicitor to determine your type of claim.

Types of laser hair removal negligence claims

There are different damage expenses you can include in your claim. However, the claim will depend on the level of damage. Among the expenses to include are:

Medical expenses– Did you seek any medical attention? Did you attend counselling sessions after the damage? How much did you spend on treatment? These are expenses you should be compensated for as part of the claim.

Loss of earnings– Hair removal surgery negligence may result in loss of income. Were you unable to work due to the damage? Some victims have lost jobs and income after an unsuccessful cosmetic procedure such as laser hair removal. Why should you suffer such financial loss because ofsomeone else’s negligence? You can be compensated for these losses as a result of your laser hair removal procedure.

General damages– This refers to physical and physiological suffering resulting from the procedure. An unsuccessful procedure can cause both mental and physical pain. However, you need the assistance of experts such as to determine the value of general damages.

How much can you get for laser hair removal negligence compensation?

There is no exact compensation figure for hair removal procedure negligence. The amount may differ depending on your individual circumstances. However, you can get an estimate of your claim by consulting a reputable and experienced personal injury specialist.

There are thousands of women who have suffered from laser hair removal negligence. However, they are suffering in silence due to lack of information. You don’t need to pay legal fees to make laser hair removal negligence claims. Choose one of the several personal injury lawyers offering legal assistance on a No Win No Fee basis.

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