How To Respond To A Denied Insurance Claim


A severe accident can turn your entire world upside down. The health insurance you have paid into for years was supposed to help you mitigate the financial fallout from such an incident. But your insurance company refuses to fulfil the terms of the contract and you find yourself struggling to get by. You do not have to take this kind of treatment. You can build up a case and sue them.

Why you should contact a lawyer

Your first move should be to contact a long term disability lawyer Ontario. Before you make any official moves, you will need to put a legal strategy into place, or at least the beginnings of one. Working with an attorney who specializes in handling these kinds of cases will give you access to the knowledge, experience, and expertise you need to get you a fair and just outcome.

The first thing your lawyer will do is have you tell your story—from the circumstances that led to the accident to the treatment and rehabilitation you went through afterward to the rejection of your claim by the insurance company. These facts will form the basis of the lawsuit that the attorney will file on your behalf.

In addition to the physical and emotional pain it causes, long-term disability is very expensive. If the injury you suffered in an accident left you paralyzed, then you will have to purchase a number of support devices to remain mobile. You may also need to modify your home so that you can live in it with some comfort and dignity. You will have lost a significant amount of income while you were in the hospital and in rehabilitation. Indeed, your injury may make it impossible for you to go back to your old job. And even if you were able to return, you may have been forced into a lower-paying position.

How a lawyer can help

These are the kinds of financial difficulties that your insurance policy was meant to cover. Hiring a lawyer will help you get the money that is rightfully yours. Here are some of the ways a lawyer can help:

Gather the facts

Insurance companies launch their own investigations into client accidents and injuries. Your claim may have been rejected owing to an inadequate inquiry into your accident and its aftermath. Your lawyer will be able to gather all of the facts relevant to your condition, including police reports, medical examinations, expenses for care, and other documentation. They will be able to demonstrate conclusively the links between the accident, your disability, and the expenses that have come as a result of it.

Analyze and interpret policy

Insurance companies are well-practiced in the use of confusing and misleading language. Many of them try to avoid payment on technicalities. They will cite some obscure passage in the policy that they say prevents them from paying out. Your lawyer will see through this ploy. They will provide a plain text reading of the policy, and use the law and the courts to compel the insurance company to pay the money they owe you.

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