How your criminal charges can impact your civil court case


Criminal conviction only stains someone’s reputation, but also has a huge impact on someone’s future employment and travel opportunities. Though majority of the folks who are facing criminal charges are unaware about the conviction effects on their aptitude to bring or preserve a civil court case arising from the same confrontation that gave increase to the criminal charges.

Daniel Brown has a selected group of experienced personal injury attorneys that assist and protect his client interests in both civil and criminal courts. Moreover, Steven Polak is the best personal injury lawyer in Toronto advice on how a Highway Traffic Act for a driving associated crime can influence an individual’s rights in civil court:

Criminal lawsuit can impact on civil law claim

Many people consider that a Highway Traffic Act or criminal conviction is separate from the injury proceedings. Most of the time, they think wrong and the aftermaths of a criminal court case can influence on a future civil law claim. Insurance companies use the Fault Determination Rules to identify the faulty for the accident; they are comparatively simple regulations which help the insurance companies in verifying who should be listed as the at-fault driver quickly and cheaply. The fault determination rules are generally not significant to a proceeding for injuries.

Highway Traffic Act or criminal conviction usually haunts the guilty in civil proceedings because it may help them in determining who was at liability in the accident. In most of the cases, a guilty petition or conviction can be taken as proof of guilt in an injury court case proceeding.  For instance, if you were found guilty of impaired driving in criminal court, you cannot say in civil court that you were not drunk. Civil courts generally don’t investigate the issues if they have been proofed in criminal case proceeding. There are only limited chances when a civil court reinvestigates the issue at a subsequent trial.

Thus, it is quite imperative to take criminal charges sincerely when you have injured someone else in an accident and seeking for compensation through the civil courts. Your insurance company may also judge your case from the same source to take a decision of whether to pay for your damages or not.

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