Philosophy is not the difficult subject to understand


Every subject has its philosophy, only with the philosophy of the subject, the subject is understandable. At the same time, in the class room, a teacher will be teaching only the basics of the philosophy, not much and deep about the subject and at the same time, a tuition teacher would be able to profile the subject in deep to the student, philosophy questions and answers. In general, the subject for the student will be covered in the book; questions are created only by the teachers the student must have to answer for the created questions. The teacher will not be asking very difficult question, because the teacher also understands the difficulty of the student in answering the difficult question. The question will be asked only within the book covered question and lesson covered question.

In the lesson a subject would be covered only a portion. In the portion a student must have to go deep, and take everything in his mind. But in the some cases, not all the students are bright; there are also poor students, who understand everything in slow manner. Of course those students also shine in the subject and gain more marks but they take more time to understand, this is the difference between the bright students, and poor students. The bright students will be going through the book; even some students will be studying what is not taught in the class by the class teachers. For the bright students, the tuition will be more effective to gain more knowledge and these students will be gaining marks regularly because of their nature of the brain. The brain is not very same to all the students; this is the difference in the group of the students who are studying in the school or college.

The tuition teacher understands all brains, the teacher understands even in the first day, who is very poor student, who is normal student, who is excellent student, only with this difference the teacher would be teaching the students to come across the entire subject. This is the reason the tuition is compulsory for all the students. The tuition teacher is teaching only the same lesson taught in the classroom, but the difference is the teacher is paying individual attention to each student, that is the reason a student is able to perform well in the exam, in the classroom, the teacher will be teaching the lessons commonly.

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