Talk to the Experts about Your Public Liability Claim


There are two distinct categories of liability: general and public. It’s important for both individuals and businesses to understand the difference, so that they can be prepared if they’re ever involved in a dispute or issue in which liability is in question. If you have liability for something, it simply means that you’re responsible. For example, businesses can be responsible for injuries, illness, negligence, or accidents, if something directly connected to that business is the cause.

While the information on this subject can be extremely complex, general liability usually refers to situations involving employees, vendors, and investors. Public liability, on the other hand, is usually associated with members of the public, as the name implies. For example, a business will carry insurance to protect them in case of an injury or illness to a customer or another party who is on their property.

Sue the Owner?

If you believe you’ve suffered because of the actions or negligence of the owner or occupier of a business property, you may be able to sue that individual because they have failed to take sufficient care to prevent your injury or illness from happening. As with many other areas of law, breaching duty of care in this situation can be a complex issue. If, however, you feel you are the victim of this action or lack of action, you may be able to seek financial compensation.

Your first step should be to contact experienced public liability lawyers, legal professionals who specialise in personal-injury law. These experts bring extensive experience to the task of acting against insurance companies, and because of this experience, they have completed thousands of successful claims. It’s essential for your lawyer to be aggressive in the pursuit of a positive result, simply because public-liability claims cover a wide array of circumstances.

For example, you may be able to make a claim after suffering an injury when you slipped on your way into the supermarket. If you’ve slipped and fallen because of loose gravel on the roadway, you may also have basis for a claim. In fact, you may even be able to work with a lawyer if you’ve been injured in your own home, if the cause was faulty workmanship. Due to the variety of situations that may fall into this category, you should get quality legal advice right away.

Money Concerns?

Don’t hesitate to contact a legal specialist because you’re worried about the expense of hiring a lawyer. You should, at minimum, talk to an expert in public-liability law to determine if your case merits further action. The initial consultation is free, and you have no obligation to continue if you want to do so. You may receive a lump-sum payment to cover medical expenses, for example, or be compensated for loss of wages (past and future).

It’s also possible to receive a lump-sum payment for pain and suffering, or for costs such as future care, medical equipment, and home modifications. Basically, you shouldn’t assume you don’t have a case, just as you shouldn’t assume you do have a case. Work with a legal specialist who knows insurance companies and how they work. You’ll be glad you had an expert on your side.

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