Understanding Car Accident Claims in Ontario


The majority of the masses does not know about their vehicle accident claims components, the personal injury lawyer wants to discuss these components with you, accident claim may have two components as follows;

  • A tort component
  • An accident benefit component
  • Tort Component:

Tort law usually compensates the claimant for pain and suffering, loss of competitive advantage in the workplace, loss of income, loss of enjoyment of life, out of pocket expenses, family law act claims, and any other damages which are not covered in accident benefits.

However, suing for pain and suffering in Ontario is quite complicated. Under the Insurance Act a number of rules and regulations been introduced to reduce the claims of accident victims to avoid their claims from ever getting started.

You will be getting astonished by knowing that all tort claims for pain and suffering under the amount $100,000 are allowed to deduct. Most of the people do not aware about that the first $30,000 for any reward under $100,000 basically diminishes!

For example; if a judge has awarded you $50,000 money for pain and suffering following your car accident, the $30,000 deductible after the application and only $20,000 would be left for you. If the awarded amount is only $30,000, the all amount will be deducted and you will have left A BIG ZERO. For an innocent accident victim across Ontario, this news seems terrible. But in 1970’s, there was no deduce and few years back only $15,000 used to deductible.

Moreover, the tort claims are also on a legal threshold which decides whether the accident victims are entitled to compensation or not. So the compensation is provided to the victim who has serious and permanent injuries. Serious means injuries have detrimental impacts on their daily routine and activities; you even cannot do your household chores. Permanent means injuries will affect your whole life, if you have serious accident injuries which would have an impact of for 1 year, and then it will not be considered suitable for pain and suffering claim.

  • Accident Benefit Component

Moreover, in the tort claim, victims are also permitted to claim accident benefits from their own car insurance company. Accident Benefits usually come under Ontario’s No Fault Insurance System. Only masses in the car insurance industry in fact know the fault accident benefits. If you have queries about the accident claims, don’t hesitate to contact us for your free consultation.

Motorcycle accident attorneys will address your concerns and questions honestly and patiently. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you build a compelling personal injury case.

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