What Are the Major Causes of Construction Accidents In New York?


Thousands of construction workers in New York go to work each day fully knowing the potential safety hazards they might encounter in the line of duty. Although all forms of construction work are inherently dangerous, workers expect their supervisors or employers to take all measures necessary to keep their employees safe from any danger to their health and safety.

Unfortunately, not all employers do what is needed to ensure their workers’ safety. Most employers prioritize profits over safety which ultimately has potentially fatal consequences for workers who are involved in construction accidents. The situation is worse in New York, where construction projects are always going on, and forsaking the safety of construction workers can have deadly repercussions for everyone on the field.

Causes of Construction Accidents

Most construction accidents result when construction companies put costs ahead of workers’ safety and make tight work schedules that overburden their employees. When employees are pushed to meet impossible deadlines, essential safety precautions might get ignored. The following information will take a closer look at some of the most common causes of construction accidents in New York:


Falling off staging or scaffolding is the most common cause of construction accidents in New York, according to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). More than one-third of all deaths in the construction industry in 2018 were attributed to falls, which is a significant figure when it comes to workplace accidents. Workers can fall off ladders, roofs, staging, scaffolding, heavy equipment, structural steel, or through floors of compromised structures. Most of these accidents occur due to inadequate or absent fall protection for construction workers on elevated surfaces.

Struck by an Object

More than ten percent of all construction-related injuries and deaths result from workers being struck by an object under circumstances that might include falling objects, equipment failure, rigging failure, shifting or loose materials, and more. Injuries or fatalities resulting from workers being run over by a machine or vehicle are also categorized under this type of accident. The risk of being struck by a falling or moving object at a construction site is why workers must wear a hard hat. A lack of protection from falling objects or unsafe equipment can result in these accidents.

Trips and Falls

Construction sites are a mosaic of unsafe walking environments that present an active danger of tripping and falling on the ground. Various wires, cables, machines, holes, trenches, tools, and unchecked piles of construction materials can make it challenging to navigate a construction site. It is even more dangerous for workers who are carrying materials or heavy-duty tools and cannot look at the ground while walking at all times.


According to OSHA statistics, nearly ten percent of all deaths result from workers being electrocuted due to faulty wiring, unsafe cables, wet conditions, damaged equipment, inadequate grounding, and lack of safety precautions when working close to power lines. While there has been an improvement in safety precautions over the past few years, it remains a leading cause of construction accidents and deaths.


If you were injured in a construction accident at your workplace due to improper safety precautions taken by your employer, you can consult with an experienced construction accident lawyer at Friedman Levy in New York to schedule a free consultation. By filing a lawsuit against the negligent party, you might be able to get adequate compensation for your injuries and damages.

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