What Different Sorts of Law Services Are Available Nowadays?


Law firms conduct many different types of legal services to many different kinds of clients, and can include working alongside the single person or a small company, all the way up to a large corporation. This combination of clients and clients’ needs means that there are available a range of different types of law firms.

Law companied can vary greatly in their size, from the small one individual lawyer, to a large firm with around 100 or more legal professionals, minus their staff!

  • A law office can focus on one legal field or can also be a general practice firm with a number of fields of practice.

The Smaller Companies

Small companies with just the one lawyer, will work alone or occasionally with a colleague. Some solo law experts have a firm which can take on different kinds of law, which include the likes of family law, real estate, wills and probate, and business law.

  • Usually, this type of small company works with a particular client and small business.

Alternative Legal Departments

Larger firms, (AKA “corporate law firms”), work mostly with medium to large sized companies. This kind of firm has various legal departments which focus on certain areas of law, like real estate law, employment law, personal injury law, and litigation. Lawyers who share ownership of such a law firm are called “partners”; and lawyers who work with them are known as “associates”.

  • Firms of this type also have employees who assist with support services as in clerical, bookkeeping and paralegal work.
  • In a lot of cases, law offices work with clients residing in their geographical location.

A number of larger companies may have offices around one area, should the amount of people or cities therein be abundant enough.

National firms have offices dispersed around the country and there are large international firms with their offices in the United Kingdom and overseas.

  • These international law firms help businesses in complying with the laws of all countries which they are doing business with.

Different Cases

A civil litigation firm handles various types of court cases, including disagreements over money, commercial property litigation in Loughborough and insurance and personal injury. Legal professionals in these types of law firms are skilled at representing clients in all court hearings and trials.

  • A law office may concentrate on litigation, which involves lawsuits.

Criminal law firms can safeguard a customer with criminal charges against them, and also work with other clients who can pay for their own legal assistance, instead of being represented by a public defender.

Other law firms also specialise in arenas like transactional law and grant legal services in fields which can involve documents and transactions, like real estate closings or the preparation of business contracts, wills and trusts.

Certainly Plenty of Choice!

Now, that’s a great deal of business going on there! Anyone looking for assistance should contact and consult with local experienced legal professionals today!

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