Why might you need a solicitor when applying for a local authority license?


A local authority license enables an establishment to sell alcohol on their premises between certain hours of the day. Anyone operating premises or organising events that are going to include the sale or supply of alcohol must have a local authority licence, or the premises/event will not be legally authorised to supply or sell their stock.

New licenses and renewing old licenses

Whether you’re a business looking at applying for your first local authority license, an organiser that needs a license for a set of event nights, or a club that needs to renew their license, you may be considering seeking out a professional to help with your paperwork.

For businesses that need a completely new license, you may not feel that you are entirely familiar with the licensing process and would like a helping and experienced hand to guide you. Other than online guides, which can be difficult to understand.

Renewing your license may be less difficult – given that you’re familiar with the licensing process from the last time you applied. But an extra set of eyes may be welcome.

These are all valid reasons to contact a solicitor when you’re thinking of applying for a local authority license.

Why contact a solicitor

A solicitor can offer you professional advice when you’re looking to apply for any licenses, and they’ll be able to help you figure out which other licenses you may need, including which ones would benefit your business. With a solicitor handling the documentation that you need to apply for any licenses (local authority license or otherwise), you’ll know that everything is covered, so you can focus on other elements of your business or event organisation needs. With a solicitor on your side, you’re guaranteed to get the correct licenses, which will help you avoid any mishaps.

Solicitors can help will a wide range of services that may relate to the licensing that you’re after. They’ll be able to represent you on-site at your event’s location or on your business’ premises and advise you of any additional licenses you should consider. They can also prepare your licensing application on your behalf, and even represent you before the Licensing Authority, where necessary. Not every licensing application is clear cut, but a solicitor is perfect for guiding you through any of them.

Other reasons you might need a solicitor

Solicitors can provide both guidance and representation for a number of different licenses, notices, and certificates, including: Event notices for temporary events, club certificates, premises licenses, and personal licenses, among others.

Look for an experienced solicitor with good client testimonials and reviews. They should be experts in their fields, and the entire licensing process should be extremely familiar to them. Having a solicitor on your side while you’re applying for all of your new licenses can save you time and money during the application process. You’ll benefit from extensive guidance, application assistance, and a well-rounded service from experienced solicitors.

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