What Is The Right Divorce Lawyer?


The right divorce lawyer is the family lawyer, as he will know the best type of divorce for you. Whether the process should be consensual, belligerent, or extrajudicial, he will carefully analyze your situation to see if, for example, you and your wife can reach an agreement on the amount of alimony. Or even about how you will be with your children. In addition, he will give you specific legal assistance for your case. Therefore, your chances of success are greater than if you hire a general practitioner.

How To Hire A Divorce Lawyer?

So, when you hire your lawyer, take some points into account. For example:

  • References
  • Confidence in the professional
  • Service received
  • Availability, among other aspects

So, before hiring a lawyer, note these points.

So, to help you, we explain what you should do or consider right now.


Before hiring a lawyer, look for information about him. For example, see if the professional is specialized in the area. Or even if he is part of a representative body.

You will know if he already had divorced couples with children or just extrajudicial separations.


Then, search for the references of the professional you want to hire. In addition, it is interesting to seek the opinion of previous clients, even to know how they dealt with more complex issues than yours. You’ll know if he’s qualified to help you. Also, look for testimonials telling how the professional or office helped them. This is because they are good ways to evaluate the work performed.


In addition, it is interesting to observe if the lawyer is part of a well-structured office. This feature can help you, as several specialists will try to solve the case. Thus, as divorces with children are more complex, having a qualified team from brooksradchenkolaw.com for example can lessen the impact of separation on children. Another positive point is that a larger team will undoubtedly be more attentive to judicial decisions that can benefit you and your children.


Another point that you should note is the first contact with the lawyer. After all, this is crucial for hiring. So, see if the lawyer seems interested in your story, if he cares about listening to you, and explains in detail the steps of the process. Or if, on the other hand, he uses technical language without caring about the moment you are going through. Therefore, observe the availability and attention he gives you on the first date.


Lastly, you should trust your lawyer as he will have access to your personal information. That is, he will have a history of his married life and the lives of his children. In addition, he will represent your interests and those of your children, too. So, if there is no trust between you, he is not the right lawyer for you. So, if you find a lawyer who listens to you and you trust him, don’t hesitate to hire him!

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