Difference between Cloud-Based Management Software and Premise-Based


You are a solo firm and you are searching for the right technology to facilitate the business operations of your law firm. People who are not aware about the technological advancements will find it a daunting task. You are giving most of your time practicing law and studying updates in law. This is the reason why you are not aware about the latest technological updates. You are too busy to invest your time searching for specific software. This article will help you in choosing the right legal case management software. This software will not only enhance your efficiency, but it will also save a lot of time, which you can focus on designing strategies when you are representing your clients.

What is cloud-based system?

In this kind of system, software is not installed on your computer. You can use this software from wherever you are. This software is different from the premise-based one. The latter runs on the computer of your office or the server. You can access it only from the computers of your office. Let us understand the basic difference between these two.

Premise-based software

  • All the data is stored in the computer of your office.
  • You do not need to have an Internet connection in order to access this software.
  • It is your responsibility to update and manage this software.
  • You have to pay upfront.

Cloud-based software

  • Low investment is required.
  • You do not need to enhance the storage capacity of your computer because you will get unlimited storage.
  • Your computer will work faster and it is cost efficient.
  • You do not need to invest in the maintenance of the server or the software.
  • You can access the software from wherever you are.
  • It is updated at regular intervals.
  • You can also ask for training and support from your vendor

Do you need a cloud-based system?

This is $ 1 million question because most of the people think that they can manage their firm in the same way they are doing now. They give a reason that even before the advent of Internet the same system was working. Attorneys were working hard in the same system to represent their clients and practice; they were manually creating documents.

On the other hand, they fail to understand that when you use this software you do not need to work hard because this software will do the most of the work. You simply need to copy and paste the information of your client in the document templates, which are provided in legal case management software. You can use merge option, which will automatically create new documents within seconds.

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