Injured in a road accident in Huntington Beach? Check these details!


There is nothing worse than getting injured in a road accident. Such crashes, fender benders, and accidents are not rare in Huntington Beach. If you were injured in such a crash, you should know your basic rights and take the necessary steps. Among other things, you should also consider calling a Huntington Beach PI lawyer to know the scope of filing a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Below are some important details worth knowing. 

Reasons to call a lawyer

People often have their doubts about seeking legal help after a car accident. While the law doesn’t make it mandatory to hire a lawyer, you should definitely call one if – 

  1. You were partly at fault for the crash
  2. You have sustained serious injuries
  3. Your injuries are permanent
  4. The accident involved a truck or an 18-wheeler
  5. The accident involved multiple vehicles
  6. Someone was killed in the accident
  7. The accident involved a government entity

Insurance companies are not your friend

It is common for victims to hope that the insurance claims adjuster would empathize with their pain and suffering. Unfortunately, these insurance companies work for profit and would do anything to minimize their losses. You may find that the insurance representative already has an offer, and more often than not, they may pressure you to accept the settlement. These are clear tactics to reduce the compensation. Don’t assume anything and let an attorney negotiate on your behalf. 

Comparative fault in California

What if you were also at fault for the same Huntington Beach crash? In such cases, California laws allow you to recover money from the other party, but your settlement will be lower. For example, if you are 20% at fault and get $50,000 in the settlement, your final amount in compensation would be $40,000. You can also file a lawsuit or claim for compensation when you are more at fault than other parties. What you get depends largely on your fault. This is also called the pure comparative fault rule. 

You need an attorney

The at-fault party is unlikely to accept blame, and the insurance company will not offer a fair settlement without negotiation. It would help if you had someone to protect your rights and interests. An experienced PI lawyer is your best bet. Please don’t shy away from discussing their experience and ensure that the lawyer has represented clients in car accident lawsuits at trial. 

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