These are Your Legal Options After Receiving a Deportation Order in the UK


Receiving legal status to work and live in the UK is not a right bestowed on immigrants. It is a privilege given to those who prove that they are worthy of residing in the country. Therefore, if the state determines that you could no longer stay in the UK, you might soon face deportation.

Before you freak out, you still have legal options available. Exhaust all possible legal options first before you give up.

Check if you are able to appeal 

Some deportation orders are not up for an appeal. When you are in this situation, your choices are quite limited. The best thing is to ask for a judicial review. There could be a legal or admin error in the process that led to this fiasco. It happens in sporadic cases though. The decision to give you the chance to seek a review is in the hands of the judge.

Try to appeal 

In some cases, you might have the chance to appeal the order. You can do so if you have a strong connection with someone in the UK, like a family member. If you married a British citizen or have a child who is a British citizen, you could appeal your case. Another reason for an appeal is if you felt that the original decision discriminated against you by race. The UK government might also reconsider the case if you prove that you will face certain death when you head back home. Finally, if you can show that the decision made by the court broke the immigration rules, in some cases, you have a strong chance, but you cannot expect things to end well.

Ask for legal advice 

Do not take any step without getting advice from the best immigration solicitors. You need these legal experts by your side to help you increase your chances of staying in the UK. They have handled several cases in the past, and they specialise in immigration cases. They can make you calm down when you are in a difficult battle and tell you what the next step is. Ask the people in your community to recommend the lawyer who is most suitable for handling your case. You might have to pay tons of legal fees, but if it is your legal status on the line, it is okay to take that risk.

Do not expect a lot, but remain optimistic 

Try your best to fix your documents before even reaching a point that the state orders your deportation. You also need to prove that you are a good person who follows the laws. When you can show that you deserve to stay, you might receive another chance. The chances of the reversal of an initial deportation order are not that high though. You cannot expect things to end well, but there is no harm in staying optimistic. Some people went through the same threats as you, but with their positive spirit and help from legal experts, they succeeded.


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