These family law lawyers ensure the rights of grandparents


Handling a divorce case is not at all easy. You have to look at various aspects before pronouncing the verdict. One of the biggest concerns of divorce cases is child custody matters. This is where the expertise of the family law lawyers comes into play. Let us look at some of the problems that can crop up in any family law matter.

Family issues comprise of a wide range of problems. It can be property disputes, divorce proceedings, marriage annulment, child custody, and even paternity issues. The list could run forever. Hence, you expect the family lawyers to have great deal of experience.

Each of the issues mentioned above require different kinds of handling. One method might be perfect for handling a divorce case but fall terribly short in determining child custody. It is not enough for the family lawyers to look at only one aspect while fighting out the cases in the courts. They have to look at the issues from various angles. This alone will ensure proper justice to all parties.

Usually, the divorce lawyers tend to try for out of court settlements. This is because the misunderstandings between partners can be spontaneous at times. They might even regret going for a divorce on realizing their mistake. Therefore, you see these lawyers from Yanez and Associates counseling the partners and try to come to an out of court settlement. This is in the best interests of both the parties. These matters can become acute in case there is a child custody matter along with these cases.

Property issues can be handled but child custody is a different matter altogether. Sometimes there can be paternity issues that raise their ugly head in between. Such cases are very common in Orange County as well as other parts of the state. This requires the family lawyers to be adept at various aspects of law.

Psychologically, these divorce attorneys have to be at their best while dealing with such cases of divorce and child custody. The advantage of hiring these attorneys is that they are aware of the grandparents’ rights as well. They understand that the children enjoy a special bond with their grandparents, both from the maternal as well as paternal sides. The grandparents are not the principal caretakers of the child but they play a special role in their overall development.

Just as their parents have visitation rights, the grandparents have them as well. Only an able divorce attorney will be able to secure these rights for the grandparents. Normally, the divorce attorneys stick to the parents’ rights alone. But, the lawyers at Yanez and Associates take special pains to ensure that grandparents get their rights as well. This is the specialty of these advocates from Orange County.

In a way, this is very beneficial to the child’s overall growth as the child gets the love of parents as well as the grandparents. By fighting for and securing the rights of the grandparents, these attorneys do a great service to humanity.

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