Tips for Choosing the Right Solicitor in the UK


Selecting the right solicitor can be challenging, if you’re anxious about something you want the best legal advice you can get, so it is important to find the best possible candidate. You may be looking for someone to assist you with purchasing a new home, or dealing with a tenancy dispute, either way you’ll require expert legal aid. Here are some tips for selecting a competent solicitor.

What Questions to Ask

  • Do they understand the situation?

The first thing you’ll need to clarify before hiring a solicitor is whether they fully understand your case. For them to understand exactly why you need the services of a solicitor you must arrange a meeting and discuss your case. This presents the perfect opportunity to get a feel for the firm and see how they operate. This meeting is your opportunity to gather information and assess the solicitor, you should ask yourself questions such as:

  • Are they interested in my case?
  • How knowledgeable did they seem to be?
  • Were you treated in a professional manner?
  • How punctual was the solicitor?

All the answers to these questions help you to build an assessment of any potential solicitor. If they can’t conduct a professional meeting on time and with sufficient interest, then you should move along and find another individual. Every situation is different, that is why you need a solicitor who takes some time to properly understand and evaluate your case.

  • Do they explain the process in plain English?

Law is full of legal jargon that most people just don’t understand, it is a complex field which takes years to master. But, a good solicitor should be able to explain difficult legal terms in plain English when communicating with their clients. So, if you decide to hire a property solicitor in North East England or any other area in the UK, make sure they can speak to you in a language you understand.

  • Will I receive regular updates?

If you are anxious to move into your new home but conveyancing is taking longer than expected, you’ll want regular updates from your solicitor to find out when the whole process will come to a close. A professional solicitor should be more than accommodating when it comes to requests such as this, if they avoid commitment, then seek another solicitor.

  • What kind of experience do they possess?

The more experienced the solicitor you hire, the higher chance of success. A knowledgeable solicitor generally knows the industry in great detail, meaning they know how to obtain the right results. And if they’ve worked on cases like yours, they’ll be able to assist you in getting the best possible outcome.

Before hiring any kind of solicitor, it is important to carefully assess their credentials, you must hire an individual who is an expert in their field. Law is a broad topic, so when choosing a solicitor, they should specialise in the specific area you need help in. Remember to conduct some research when selecting potential candidates.

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