Tips for Hiring an Out-of-State Lawyer


Preparing for a lawsuit in a variety of situations can be a stressful process. You may have been using a particular lawyer for a while because they have allowed you to trust them enough to use them in different cases over the years. However, you may not be able to rely on this attorney if you are involved in a case that takes place in a different state.

Whether you are the victim of an accident, assault, or you are being wrongfully sued, you’ll need to hire an attorney who works in the state where the incident took place. It’s best to have someone working for you who is knowledgeable about local laws so that you win the case. Here are tips to follow when hiring an out-of-state lawyer.

Make sure your attorney fits your needs

It can be enough of a problem when you get involved in a situation in your own state that your traditional lawyer doesn’t have experience dealing with. However, it’s another game when you can’t use your lawyer and you don’t know anyone who has dealt with cases such as yours before. This will require research so that you can find the right lawyer for you. The internet makes it easier for us to connect to people around the world, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a lawyer in a particular state thanks to the numerous websites available just for this purpose.

For example, you could be a Massachusetts native and may end up in a car accident while on vacation to New Jersey, and the other driver being intoxicated while behind the wheel was the reason for the accident. You’ll need to find experienced New Jersey attorneys who specialize in this case. They will be able to figure out how to set up your argument and what you can be owed. However, if you were assaulted at a bar or someone’s pet attacked you in the Garden State, then you’ll need to find an attorney in the state who has helped similar victims in the past.

Collect the right information

Your attorney’s ability to help you win a case can be affected by how much information you are able to provide them. The more evidence you collect from the incident that the case is focusing on, the more information your lawyer will be able to work off of. Doing so may lead to your out-of-state lawyer presenting you with a settlement that you not only may not have been able to obtain without certain evidence, but one that may not would have been available if the incident took place where you live. This includes photos and video footage of what took place so that your innocence can be proven.

You can also benefit from the word of eye witnesses of the situation, as well as contact information of everyone involved. Despite your eagerness to get a new car, if you were in a car accident, your attorney may recommend holding off on visiting car dealership in Mechanicsburg, PA so that you preserve the evidence of damage to your vehicle. Cases involving finances may lean towards your way if you collect estate planning information or bankruptcy debt that your lawyer can go off of. This will make it easier for your lawyer to come up with a solution.

Limit who you discuss your case with

If you’re one of those people who feels comfortable talking about personal situations, then you may want to reconsider this habit, especially if you want your chances of winning a case to stay high. Any information you reveal to the wrong person can be used against you in the courtroom. This goes for any case, from an assault to a divorce. You should be able to trust your family and friends with anything, but the information that your lawyer reveals to you is usually that which should be kept between the two of you. This can hurt your case if the loved one you talk to isn’t known for keeping things secret or is normally reliable but slips accidentally.

However, one way that an extra person can be included in your discussions with an out-of-state lawyer is the attorney you normally rely on, particularly if your current lawyer is the person that recommended the out-of-state one. The three of you can exchange information about the case, and it can be helpful if one party discovers something new that can help your chances of coming out the winner. This can be helpful as long as everyone is doing their research on a consistent basis. Providing specific times for when to contact each other will make this process easier.

Keep these tips in consideration so that your out-of-state lawyer can help you win your case.

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