Hiring a DUI or DWI Attorney, What are the Pros and Cons?


If you have been charged with driving under the influence [DUI] of drugs or alcohol or driving while intoxicated [DWI], then you need to get a DUI attorney. This is because drunk driving or intoxicated driving is taken as a serious offense by courts because it is deadly to pedestrians and motorists.

If you have been convicted of a DUI offense, you risk losing your driving license, paying a hefty fine, or you can go to jail especially if it’s a repeat charge. Getting a good DUI attorney, DWI lawyer can mean that the case can be dismissed depending on the evidence accumulated, or he can negotiate for a lesser punishment.

The following are the pros and cons when hiring a good DUI attorney;

The pros

  • Do your research

When you want to hire a DUI Attorney, you have to do thorough research on DUI laws. You can also prepare some questions from your research that you’ll ask the attorneys that you intend to speak to. Do some research on these attorneys so that you can know their experiences in dealing with DUI cases. You can check their websites to see what kind of information they offer.

  • Meet with them

When getting a DUI attorney for your case, you need someone you are confident about, has your best interest in mind, and comfortable with as well. You can figure out if the attorney wants to fight for you to win the case or if he is just after money. If your instincts tell you the latter, then you should look for another attorney.

  • Make your own decision

When hiring a DUI lawyer, you should make your decision profoundly. Don’t let factors like money or allegiance to family affect your decision-making. Remember it’s your case and your attorney.

The cons

  • Don’t hire your friend or family friend

Not every lawyer with a law license can represent a DUI case. It is an area of law. A lawyer who helped you sue someone or with your divorce might not be the right one to handle your DUI charges. A DUI case is a lot different from domestic violence charges or burglary charges.

  • Don’t hire someone based on an online advertisement

With the rate at which everybody advertises their products and services online, anybody can put up a webpage and declare himself a DUI attorney. This might be true or not. You should watch out for these sites that claim to have the best DUI attorneys in the country. Most of the sites are just there to make money. A genuine attorney will take the effort to invest in his website and provide in-depth knowledge about DUI law.

  • Don’t hire an attorney based on price

Don’t decide to hire an attorney based on the fee; this can be a costly mistake.  A DUI charge can be so expensive, from court costs, fines, and fees, to higher insurance, loss of job, driver’s license reinstatement fees, and cost of alcohol treatment programs. Getting a good lawyer who can represent you effectively irrespective of the fees can save you a lot and clear your name from the offense.

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