How to choose your lawyer


The Kelly Huang Attorney is involved in many areas and in very different situations: family life, corporate law, labor law … He can just advise you or take legal action. Here’s how to choose it to be well defended.

Identify precisely your need

You can use a lawyer to advise you in a specific area of ​​law or to defend you in court proceedings (divorce or litigation with a professional).

Generalist or specialist

As for doctors, there are generalists and specialists. The former can, in principle, take care of all the files. But, in fact, they have often been oriented over time to particular areas of law, without necessarily holding a certificate of specialization (GPs often deal with cases relating to family law, work, real estate …). The specialized lawyers, on the other hand, have officially validated their specific skills by a certificate.

You can either contact a generalist than a specialist, the whole being to verify that it has sufficient knowledge in the field that interests you: a simple phone call is enough for that. A conscientious lawyer is not supposed to take a case in an area he does not know, especially if it is complex. However, thorny and very specific problems (patent law, company bylaws, planning law, tax law …), contact a lawyer will give you the assurance that the professional has all the skills required.

For simple and classic cases (divorce by mutual consent, dispute rental leave, deposit refunds, merchandise delivery delays …) you can either call a specialist or a generalist.

Do not choose your lawyer randomly

Choosing a lawyer near you is the most common solution. It is indeed more practical, if you use him for a consulting mission (drafting of contract, legal consultation) or for a procedure taking place near your place of residence, because that will facilitate your meetings and your trades. On the other hand, if your case is judged far from home, it may be better to take a lawyer on the spot. In fact, the lawyers depend on a bar and each bar is attached to a tribunal instance. A lawyer can defend you everywhere, but in another TGI, he has, with exception, need to resort to an “applicant” (that is to say a colleague of the bar attached to this court), to perform the procedural documents. This entails an additional cost. So it’s best, in this case.

How to find it?

Word of mouth is an effective way to select a lawyer. Indeed, if it is recommended to you, it is because it gave satisfaction to one of your acquaintances or that this one knows it personally. On the other hand, avoid being defended by a member of your family or a friend, because your reports will be more complicated and the risks of quarrel exist.

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