Personal Injury 101: What Is Personal Injury And When Should You Sue


Nobody would ever dream of getting involved in an accident and end up injured, no matter how small the injury is. The damages would cause you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars from your medical bills. It would also make you lose time from work, which is also financially damaging. An injury would also make you suffer not only physical pain but also a psychological pain as well. This is why it’s normal that you’d want the person responsible to pay for all your pain and suffering and suffer consequences of his/her actions. However, the question now hangs, when should you sue someone for your personal injury?

What Is Personal Injury?

When you say personal injury, you’re referring to the legal term used to describe an injury received by one’s body, emotions, and mind. It also relates to the lawsuit you’ll file against someone who has caused you physical, emotional, and mental pain and suffering. This kind of suit can be filed against someone who has been negligent or has acted in such a way that it causes damage to you.

Do You Have a Legal Claim?

A legal claim is a term used to refer to your right to recover compensation through a lawsuit or an insurance claim for your injuries, mainly if someone has caused the events that have led to your injury. The sole purpose of a personal damage claim is to allow you, who’s been injured, to claim for compensation for your damages. Your damages may come in the form of medical expenses, emotional distress, and lost wages because of the damages received.

In short, you have a legal claim if another person’s actions have caused you to get involved in an accident and be injured.

General Kinds Of Legal Claims

You can file a personal injury claim if the damages you’ve received falls under in one of the types of legal claims for a personal injury lawsuit.

  • Car accident claim

This is the claim that you can file if you’ve been involved in a car accident where a driver has been negligent. You can claim for an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit.

  • Slip and fall claim

You can file this claim if you’re inside another person’s property, and the owner’s negligence has resulted in an accident, which then led to your damages. You can file an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit.

  • Medical malpractice claim 

This is the claim that you can file when you’ve been injured under a medical professional and/or medical facility’s care. You can either file an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit.

  • Workplace accident claim 

You can file this claim if you’ve been injured while you’re performing your task at work. You can claim for a workers’ compensation claim.

  • Defective product claim

This is the claim that you can file if you’ve been involved in an accident and has been injured because of a faulty product. You can either file a civil lawsuit or a class action lawsuit.

  • Assault and/or battery claim

You can file this claim if an aggressor or perpetrator has caused the damages you’ve received. You can file a claim for a civil lawsuit.

  • Animal attack/dog bite claim

This is the claim that you can file if an animal owner has been negligent and his/her pet bit/attacked you, and has resulted in a damage. You can either file a civil lawsuit or a homeowner’s insurance claim.

Should You Talk to a Lawyer?

If you feel that your pain and suffering has resulted from another person’s negligence, it’s always best to seek help from an experienced personal injury lawyer. He/she will be able to help you determine whether or not you have a valid case.  The lawyer will be able to identify if you have enough evidence to file a suit and whether or not your evidence can withstand a trial.  If you’re in need of a reliable and well-experienced personal injury lawyer, click here. We have lawyers who are experts in dealing with personal injury claims and are more than ready to take on your case.

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